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Personal loans from sub-prime lenders:

When the major lenders reject your loan application, citing the poor credit history as a reason, you have to resort to the sub-prime lending places. Sub-prime loans are excellent choices made specifically for the bad credit borrowers. Obviously, the annual percentage rate will be inflated as the loan is given to a person with a poor credit score. At the same time, these loans can be easily obtained by all the bad credit borrowers. Even if you have bankruptcy or foreclosure in your credit report, I will say that you have decent chances of getting approved. Needless to say, such a loan would mean you will be given very high annual percentage rate. Moreover, the loan amount will also be lessened so that the lender faces smaller risks. If you are not looking for anything less than a big loan amount, turn towards the secured loan options.

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Private lenders online:

When it comes to getting a quick loan approval, private lenders top the list. Besides the quick approval, need for very minimal paperwork puts very less pressure on the borrower who is already in dire need of help. Despite your desperate need, make sure that you are not hasty while trying to go through the loan offers from different private lenders. As you search through a lot of offers, you are sure to stumble upon at least one offer with very affordable terms. After selection of an appropriate offer, you can also make negotiations to see how far you could lessen the APR. To prove that you can very well afford the loan, show off your stable job for the past few years.

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