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What would you do if you meet with an unexpected financial requirement in mid month that is when your payday is still days away? It is in such situations that express payroll advance comes to your help.


Express payroll advance is an instant loan to help those who are in need of monetary help in the mid month when their payday is still weeks away. These are short term loans with repayment date usually coinciding with the next payday. The interest rates are comparatively higher. However, by repaying the loans on the due without any extensions it can be compensated.

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1 The borrower should have a regular monthly income of more than £1000

2 He/she should have a valid and active bank account

Availing the loan

Most of the express payroll advance providers have an online presence. All you have to do is to fill an application and provide the lenders with your details.
The details are stored in an integrated system of payday companies so that the companies can share the information as and when required. The lender verifies the details and accesses your previous transactions to decide whether you are eligible for the loan. If found eligible, then the loan will be deposited in your bank account within two working days.

If your loan application is not approved by a company because of your earlier transactions which are not yet cleared, then you can give the authorization to the company to deduct the money from your account or choose to give them a post-dated cheque.


o Quick processing

o Easy application

o No collateral required

Tips for borrowers

The borrowers are advised not to take taking express payroll advance without clearing the earlier loans. Mounting payroll advance will affect your credit ratings.

Take only so much loans that you can repay with your next salary. Skipping two or more repayment cycles will put you in an unending cycle of debts.

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