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If you need money in a hurry, you can do a few things. You can ask for a loan from a friend or family member. You can ask for a loan from your employer. Or, you can go the easy route and request a quick advance from a company that specializes in quick loans and advances.

Avoid Embarrassment: Get a Quick Advance from a Specialist

It can be very embarrassing asking your friends, your family, and your employer for money. If you visit a quick advance company, no one will make you feel embarrassed or that you are not deserving of a short loan when it is needed.

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No Credit Report

Some banks and credit unions offer quick loans for small amounts of money. They will charge interest and they will run a credit report to see if you can actually pay back a short term loan. If you already know that you do not have good credit or you do not have a regular bank or credit union, there are many companies that will provide a fast advance. Those companies will also charge interest, but they do not run a credit report.

Interest Rates

When you get a loan from a payday advance company, you will be charged a significant interest rate. Some companies charge interest rates that are sky high. Many of the interest rates can be anywhere between 300% and 3000% annual percentage rates. But, since you have to pay the loan back very quickly, you will not actually pay that much over the course of your loan.

Pay Back the Loan Quickly

The most important thing you need to do with a quick advance is pay it back as soon as you can. Some companies will automatically charge your debit card on a prearranged date. Some other companies expect you to stop in to make a payment. It is extremely important that you pay the loan back immediately because if you are late, they will charge you an additional 10% to 20% in fees. That means, that if you are late paying back a $200 loan you could pay an addition $20 to $40, including the interest and any other fees that you had to pay. On your $200 loan, you could end up paying $300 or more for the small amount of money that you borrowed.

State Regulations

Quick advance loans are usually regulated by a state or local government. They may have regulations on the interest rates or other aspects of the loans. Some states do not allow any cash advance businesses to operate. The federal government does have an interest rate limit when quick loans companies give loans to military families.


Some quick advance loans companies operate via the digital world. Some will offer the quick advances over the Internet and some loan money via mobile phones and text messaging. Many other companies will give discounted fees and interest rates if you become a regular customer.

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