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Do you want a loan that does not cast heavy repayment burden on you? If yes, opt for low cost loans that involve an interest rate of around 7 per cent.

The competition in the UK financial market is making the lenders deliver their best. You can expect cheap loan deals from the lenders along with many other benefits. If you have earlier faced a bad credit situation and your credit score is very low, you can try some sub-prime lenders in the market who may provide you money by charging a little extra interest rate.

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Personal loans take care of your hundreds of needs. These are extremely popular among the borrowers. You can use such loans for any suitable purpose that you have in your mind. However, some of the common uses include debt consolidation, car purchase, home improvement, cosmetic surgery, education, etc.

It has been observed that people care very less about their finances when they go on holidays. They frequently use credit cards and store cards for their holiday expenses. Since these methods of financing are very expensive, such consumers have high chances of falling into huge debts once they return from their holidays. If they plan in advance and instead use cheap personal loans, they may be able to save a lot of money.

Personal loans, besides being cheap loans, are also quick to get. Consumers looking for a convenient and quick borrowing option can find it in the form of a personal loan. The online availability of cheap personal loans is another aspect that adds to their popularity.

When comparing several loan plans available in the market, it is always better to decide on the basis of an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) rather than the rate of interest only. APR is a better indicator in deciding which loans are cheap loans. APR includes charges like arrangement fees, origination fees, brokerage, etc. These charges, if ignored, can make the loan very expensive.

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