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The concept of borrowing and lending is not new to people. Human needs have always been unlimited and funds always a major concern. Diverse and unlimited human needs can be sorted as follows:Usual lifestyle necessities like house purchase or improvement, business set-up or expansion, vacation or holiday season expenses, wedding purpose, car purchase and more
Imperative needs like surgery, extended treatments, late education fees, debt consolidation and more
Lifestyle luxuries like spa treatment, cosmetic surgery, flying lessons, gambling and more
Of all the available loan alternatives, quick loans are most popular. They are broadly classified as:

Secured personal loans: Designed only for homeowners and property owners, these loans ensure maximum benefits - low APR and negotiable payback terms and conditions. Secured personal loans are apt for loan seekers who need to borrow a big amount and are willing to offer something valuable as collateral, which secures the lender's investment.
Unsecured personal loans: Designed for all - tenants, students, homeowners and property owners - these loans ensure fast cash. Unsecured personal loans are apt for loan seekers who need to borrow a small amount and are unwilling (homeowners and property owners) or hesitant (tenants and students) to offer collateral. In the absence of collateral, these loans come at high APR and virtually non-negotiable payback terms and conditions.
Bad credit (high-risk) personal loans: Designed for poor/bad/adverse credit holders, these loans offer a second chance. Available in both secured and unsecured form, these loans help people to fix and improve their credit record.

When one is looking for fast approval and quick service - unsecured personal loans are the best choice. Typically, the approval of any loan depends on the loan seeker's recent past and current fiscal consistency. However, secured loans have an additional thing - the time-consuming property assessment procedure, which makes the entire loan approval procedure slow and lengthy.
However, unsecured personal loans are free of that. Hence, they have become an integral part of our lives and almost everyone is taking these loans on a daily basis. Besides formally applied loans, they are also availed in the form of credit cards, charge cards, store cards, overdrafts, etc.

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